Success Stories

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"The biggest thing for me was understanding my relationship with food and my mood. My cravings went almost instantly and my energy levels. To anyone thinking about starting a programme, I 100% recommend it. You won’t be disappointed."

Louise, Manager


"I worked with Elysia before and during my forth pregnancy. Her tailored training plan helped me maintain my strength during my pregnancy which made my delivery so much easier. It was actually my fastest recovery too. I put this down to the strength I had maintained throughout my pregnancy. Post pregnancy Elysia helped me shed my baby weight. Taking on board her feedback and implementing small changes I saw instant changes in my energy levels and hunger levels too. If you want to learn about how to efficiently fuel your body, get rid of baby fat (in my case after 4 kids) and aren’t after a quick fix fad diet but a long term lifestyle change for you and your family then you need to work with Elysia."

Ellen, Business Partner & Mother of 4


"I worked with Elysia to balance my energy and improve my skin. My biggest learning was how stress can manifest is so many ways, and that food and health can be the best cure. I felt empowered. I’ve always know that food plays multiple roles in my life but understanding the impact it can have on my hormones, energy, skin… everything felt amazing. I was so happy to understand food in this way. Elysia really wants to help people, and she makes complex matters of the body easy to get and how it is all linked."

Sarah, Business Owner

"Elysia gave me advice and support both before, during and after my pregnancy. I wanted to ensure I was the healthiest version of myself possible and continued to be throughout my pregnancy. My moods, hormones and irritability were difficult to get used to but Elysia helped me find a way of eating that worked for me and supported me while I was breastfeeding. Elysia’s ebook was a God send I still refer to it!"

Jemma, Senior Manage



"I was nervous I’d get a generic plan that wouldn’t be tailored specifically for me and my lifestyle. I wanted to lose a few pounds, tone up and reduce my cholesterol as this was very high at 7, and for someone who exercises a lot thought they had a good diet and doesn’t drink or smoke this alarmed me. Elysia erased all my fears from the start. She was so supportive, approachable and knowledgeable. I achieved so much and I am absolutely delighted with my results! I feel so confident. My husband even caught me flexing in the mirror! I would 100% recommend Elysia to anyone. I think she really knows what she is doing. If you trust her and follow what she says you will get the results you want, I certainly did!" 

Emily, Doctor


"By linking the nutrition & exercise plan I really saw a difference in my energy levels & stamina. Elysia really highlighted the importance eating to fuel my exercise. Being busy running a business and teaching full time this was important for me. She was always checking in to see how I was feeling and then tweaking the programme so you were constantly seeing the fruits of your labour and that motivated me to keep going."

Eimear, Business Owner


"When I started with Elysia it was all about fat loss. I was also experiencing some digestive issues; constipation, diarrhoea, reflux, bloating that I thought were normal but having changed my nutrition and saw the effects of good nutrition on my body my goals changed from fat loss to just feeling good. Everything changed for the better; energy, fat loss, digestion, mood, productivity it was life changing."

Lorraine, Career Coach


"I contacted Elysia as I was struggling with my digestion. My bloating, constipation and diarrhoea were so bad that it was having an impact on my day to day. With Elysia’s help my digestion improved within 3 weeks! I also lost body fat which was a great by-product. Learning about my body and its responses to food was a huge learning curve for me. I also enjoyed the recipes and cooking new foods. Elysia is very knowledgeable and kind and made the whole process enjoyable."

Martina, Business Owner


"Sincere thanks Elysia for your advice & patience with me while getting a suitable food plan in place for me. I have lost 7 inches & have never felt better. My mood is great, my sleep is great. I eat enough at meal times to keep me full. I haven’t had the urge to binge as I am dealing with my emotions correctly through journalling. As a busy mam of 3 little ones under 6, I am taking time out for myself when I can. Thanks so much Elysia for all your support and guidance, I look forward to losing the next 7 inches! You are amazing, not only have you changed my life but that for my girls too!"

Elaine, Business Owner & Mom


"My main goals was to get fitter, be more toned and lose a few pounds. Through working with Elysia I noticed everything changed for the better; sleep, peace of mind, confidence, fitness, energy and productivity. Until working with Elysia I hadn’t had a decent nights sleep in years. It was worth so much more than the 3.5% drop in body fat and 5lb weight loss it was life changing. My favourite part of the programme was the food prep, I was so proud of myself as I hated cooking. To anyone thinking of working with Elysia I would say 100% do it! Best thing I’ve ever done and its not something I’d ever forget. Elysia is a miracle worker!"

Amanda, Accountant


"I am a female in my early 50s & want to be the fittest and healthiest I can be. I was blown away with how professional, knowledgeable Elysia is! It was clear when I met with her that she had researched a recently diagnosed illness I have and we took this into account when preparing a food plan/shopping list for me. I have followed the plan to the letter and already my digestion has improved , my bloating has gone, I feel more energised, healthier, I’m always satisfied after eating a meal and overall feel so much better in myself. Elysia speaks to you from the heart as she “has been there”. So, don’t think about it, get in touch with Elysia, you wont regret it. I think everyone should have an “Elysia” in their life!!"

Lesley, Crossfitter


"Very happy with Elysia. Never hungry and the food plan is great. I feel healthier & have more energy. I can see the changes in my body in only 2 weeks. I love the variety in the food plan and meals are quick & easy to prepare. Would highly recommend her!"

- Karen, Account Manager


"Elysia was great educating me on how to eat smarter. I would highly recommend working with her. Not only will it give you more energy and help you achieve your goals but it will give you the knowledge to continue on afterwards. You will be seriously glad that you committed and will have the support throughout."

Ciara, HR Manager


"I worked with Elysia to lose weight, tone up and get rid of cravings. I was always afraid that I wouldn’t reach my target but Elysia was so supportive throughout. The biggest thing I learned was that you can eat more and still lose weight! I had been spending so many years starving myself skinny to no avail. I started eating better, I toned up in all body parts and my diet coke and chocolate cravings vanished overnight! This was a huge relief for me. Trying the different recipes and pushing my exercise routine was my favourite part . Work hard and you will get great results."

Helen, Stay at Home Mom


"Before working with Elysia I was definitely apprehensive about the investment it needed and I was seriously worried that I would be starving. But I can now say it is worth the money and I didn’t need to be worried about being hungry as it involved increasing my calories slightly. The biggest thing I learnt doing this was that there is no need to cut out all food or have a seriously low intake of calories to lose weight. I was leaving my body in a serious deficit before. I had heard so many people say before that you can eat more and lose weight and now I actually believe it as I know it’s true. I increased my calories and lost weight! I dropped a total of 4% body fat and made changes to my diet that I could carry on with after our work together."

Ciara, Manager


"Working with Elysia to reduce my menopause symptoms was like a miracle. I didn’t know the power of nutrition until now. My hot flashes are non existent, my energy is up and my weight is decreasing steadily. I feel like myself again.”

Bernie, Administrator


"I decided to go see Elysia to support my training and improve my general health as I have been having various symptoms over the past 12+ months. She clearly did her research prior to my appointment. The meals she supplied for me are very simple to make but the tastiest I have eaten in a long while. Trying foods and ingredients I have never eaten before and the flavours are fantastic. I cannot recommend her highly enough so if you have thought of going down this route, do it!! I already feel healthier fitter and stronger."

Carol, Paramedic & Crossfitter


"I had the opportunity to work with Elysia and I highly recommend her. She maintained the perfect balance of non-judgmental support and professionalism. Her recommendations and knowledge have had a lasting effect on how and what I eat. As a result of the information and guidance that she gave me I understood the link between eating habits that needed improving and negative effects on my body. I changed most of my bad habits and feel and look better as a result. Elysia went out of her way to research and gather information on related topics that would help my overall health!"

Elva, Business Owner & Mother of 2


"I started working with Elysia as a creature of habit stuck in a diet rut. She has been great at giving me options and variety. Positive, friendly encouragement all the way and a freezer full of tasty, healthy options. Great stuff!"

Kate, Accountant


"After I gave birth to a bouncing 9lb3 baby boy I made the decision to focus on getting my core strength and energy levels back. Elysia’s service really appealed to me as I can do it the comfort of my home and with a baby that was ideal. Elysia, not only gives you the encouragement and motivation to keep going but a healthy eating plan that is specific to you! If you are thinking about working with a professional I can highly recommend Elysia. She has been working with me for 8 weeks now and already the results are fantastic. I can see my shape define already and I can lift my baby without nearly falling over with the pain I experienced before, that in itself is priceless. She has an incredible way about her and I can only speak highly of her. It’s money well spent."

Tara, HR Manager & Mom of 2