How to Get Better Sleep

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Revolution Project Ltd's Treasa Spragg has one main mission in life; to make people happier and healthier.  The company is based on the belief that moving more, nourishing ourselves, minimising our stress and optimising our sleep leads to a fuller, more productive and meaningful life.  

Treasa firmly believes that we're all of intrinsic value with something unique to offer to the world and that we thrive when we feel like we belong and have meaningful connections.  She has a passionate desire to spread the word about how great quality, good quantity sleep has the power to transform every aspect of our waking hours.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The impact of too little sleep and the “hustle & grind” approach

  • Whether you can get too much sleep

  • The truth about napping with tips for new mums

  • Overcoming insomnia

  • The effects of alcohol on sleep and

  • When you should have your last cup of coffee

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