Lift Weight to Lose Weight

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Elysia Doody is the founder of The Female Wellness Hub, Functional Nutritionist & Exercise Coach specialising in female health and wellness. She’s embraced Functional Medicine to address her health concerns, and is now helping as many women as possible in a similar position. She is also a former competitive dancer and U21 Lantin & Ballroom Dance Champion, Amateur Pole Dancer Runner-Up and has ranked in the top 3 IDFPA & IPF Powerlifting Championships.  Taking everything she’s learned through education, her own health, and working with clients, she’s keen to share it all through the female wellness hub.

In this session she chats about:

  • How she got into weight training following a car accident

  • The apprehensions that she felt and her fear of getting man muscles

  • Why you need to lift weights for fat loss not weight loss

  • Weight training versus cardio

  • The benefits of weight training beyond weight loss

  • Simple ways to introduce weight training into your workouts

  • Why women specifically need to lift weights

Elysia Doody