Weight Loss, It's More Than Just Calories

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Elaine Baxter is a Nutritionist, weight loss expert and founder of  Food Wise Weight Clinic based in Enfield, Co Meath Ireland. Elaine has a particular interest in the role our gut plays plays with our health, after experiencing her own digestive issues, she overcame these symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes. Food Wise provides one to one coaching, empowering people to make changes including simple mindset techniques.

In this weeks episode we talk about 

  • The decisions we make with food and how they impact our life

  • The impact of stress and digestion plays for weight loss

  • Balancing blood sugar for weight loss 

  • The bouncing back and losing baby weight myth

  • Why its not all about the scales 

  • Mindset changes to support weight loss 

Elysia Doody