Tapping for Overcoming Trauma, Infant Loss & Grief

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Sarah Tobin lost her first baby Alice just 5 days after she was born. She suffered cord compression and lack of oxygen and by the time staff realised it was too late.

Sarah was lucky to get pregnant again 4 months after their loss, and realised she needed to do something to process her grief, release her trauma and help relieve her severe PTSD. After trying many things it was Tapping & Matrix Reimprinting that had life changing results. She has since gone on to have two beautiful sons (one by C section and the other naturally) and decided to train in the therapy that worked for her, leading to the creation of Tapping for Mums

Her goal is to help women by teaching them how to Tap and manage the daily emotional roller-coaster as well as working on a 121 basis to release birth and childhood trauma to alleviate symptoms of PND, depression, PTSD and so much more. Ultimately working to focus on manifesting a happy present and future. 

In this weeks episode we talk about:

  • Sarah’s birth story

  • Overcoming birth trauma and the loss of her child 

  • The fears and anxiety after getting pregnant for the second time

  • How tapping helped her through her trauma, grief and fears

  • What is tapping and how can you apply it to many daily challenges

  • A short tapping demo 

  • Tapping for those who are skeptical and tips to

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