Beyond the Six Pack

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Danny-J is an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host and storyteller. As the former founder of The Sweaty Betties, an online fitness community, Danny-J discovered the most effective method for capturing attention and increasing revenue—sharing personal and brand stories.

 Danny-J's work can be heard in her weekly show, The Best Life Podcast and can be followed in real time on all the social media platforms

As a true example of "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" she uses her real "Jerry Springer Life" stories to engage with her audience, teach life lessons and inspire others to rewrite their stories. Danny-J now teaches innovative brands and influencers to close more sales, become better leaders and blow up their brands with the irresistible power of sharing.

She also helps tens of thousands of families become debt-free by sharing her real life getting out of debt story and challenge #FindTheMoneyProject

Danny is also a former fitness model and personal trainer who gained over 30lbs following her extreme diet and exercise regime. She talks very openly about the impact of the extreme fitness and dieting industry and how she recovered.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Her fitness modelling career

  • The impact of extreme fitness and dieting 

  • how this extreme approach contributed to her 30lb  weight gain in such a short space of time 

  • The pressures on fitness instructors to “look a certain way”

  • The impact of recovering from competitions (figure or powerlifting)

  • How she overcame adrenal fatigue and metabolic syndrome to lose the weight and regain her health 

  • Her online programme The Happiness Diet

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