Postpartum Fitness

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In this episode we speak to Emma Dowling, Pre & Post Natal Fitness Coach and founder of Empowered Mama. Emma gives an honest account of her experience returning to fitness after having her baby.

Emma Dowling is a gym instructor and personal trainer who has been working on the gym floor coaching classes and with one on one PT clients for 5 years. She has supported many clients over these years on their health and fitness journey advising them on training, wellness and having a balanced but consistent approach for whole health. In 2018 Emma founded The Empowered Mama Pre and Post Natal Fitness Classes when after having her own baby she found it very difficult to find research based information on how to return to training safely post partum. She went on become certified in the National Training Centre and is currently a student of Dr. Sarah Duvell Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist courses.