Overcoming Adversity, Autoimmunity & The Power of Gratitude

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Karen Dwyer is the founder of MS to Success, a coach, speaker, author of My Gratitude Attitude Journal and all-round harbinger of happiness, success and personal achievement. In 2012 she would encounter the greatest challenge of her life when she was diagnosed with the incurable disease, Multiple Sclerosis.

Today Karen is MS symptom free.

Through her unique mindset, she specializes in supporting people with an autoimmune condition that is impacting their life negatively to have fulfilling relationships, a thriving career, and bags of energy.  Karen is dedicated to using her own personal experience as a catalyst to help others to be ‘at ease’ with ‘disease’. Karen is a multi-faceted talent which she applies to her teachings and is focused on encouraging people not to be defined by their illness.

In 2017 she produced My Gratitude Attitude Journal which has garnered many followers and serves as a useful tool in Karen’s positive and life-affirming approach to teaching people to be their most extraordinary self. Karen Dwyer is a personal masterclass in overcoming adversity, unraveling potential and shining light on those who only see dark. Her authenticity and warm, fun approach makes her stand out from her peers and leaves visitors truly inspired.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Overcoming adversity from being fired from her multi-million business, to a failed suicide attempt and dealing with a diagnosis of MS

  • The tools she used to support her on her journey to improved health

  • The power of gratitude, how this small step helped her get back on her feet and build multiple businesses

  • How she changed her negative mindset that kept her stuck

  • My Gratitude Attitude Journal, her MS to Success Programme and the many other wonderful things Karen

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