Are You Eating Your Emotions?

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Elsa Jones is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and author of bestselling book ‘Goodbye Sugar’. She works a nutrition consultant in a Dublin practice and also internationally via her online nutrition programs. She specialise in motivational weight management combining effective nutrition & mind-set strategies.

Elsa is a popular spokesperson on nutrition in the Irish media. She featured as a nutrition expert on RTE’s health documentaries ‘Sugar Crash’, ‘Nine Stone Lighter’ & ‘What Women Want’. She also presented the popular health series ‘How Healthy Are You?’ on TV3 and is a regular contributor on 2FM and Newstalk Radio. 

Elsa’s health features often appear in the Independent and Herald newspapers as well as various magazines including Tatler and Marie Claire magazine. 

Elsa has worked with a variety of companies and brands throughout the years including Lloyds Pharmacy, The Health Store Group, Google, Microsoft, Ford, Kerry Foods, Danone, Unilever, Pharmaton, KBC, Aviva, Uncle Ben’s, Celtic Irish Spring Water

In this weeks episode we talk about

  • The full details about sugar and hidden sugars to look out for

  • How to have a good relationship with sugar

  • Emotional eating and how it impacts your health

  • Strategies to overcome emotional eating

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Elysia Doody