Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

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In this weeks episode we speak to Dr. Ros Drake who specialises in chiropractic adjustments supporting women during pregnancy and post natal recovery. Ros also gives an honest account about her challenges navigating the maternity system, the challenges she had with breastfeeding and post natal depression.

Dr. Ros Drake is a Chiropractor specialising in the treatment of the expectant mother. She studied at the UK chiropractic college, the AECC, qualifying in 2000 after a 5 year full time course with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree.  She has treated 150 expectant mums in the last 3.5 years with a 71% success rate supporting breech presentation. She has contributed to Natural Parenting Ireland, Irish Parent Magazine, the Irish Independent Newspaper and is featured on More recently, she is a nominee for Specialist Maternity Service of the Year award by MaMa Conference 2019.