Why You're Injured All The Time And The Exercises You Should be Doing


There’s nothing worse than being injured all the time! You get rid of one injury, and then there’s another. It can really get you down over time and lead to more problems in the long run. You may have rested for a day or so, tried something a friend suggested but the injury returns. 

At some point we should be asking the question

‘’Why am I injured all the time?’’

It may simply be an old injury that hasn’t healed a hundred percent because we just didn’t give it enough time. We may be asking our body to do too much, and not giving it the time to recover in between sessions. Or, we just don’t move very well and haven’t put the time and effort into fixing the issue, and that’s why we are injured all the time. 

In my experience as a Sports Injury Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer the latter is the biggest challenge. Think about it, we sit for so long these days at desks, driving, eating, watching TV and then we arrive at the gym, on the run and jump into a workout. 

This kind of approach may work for a while but at some point it’s going to come back to bite you in the ass and your body will stop you in your tracks.

When I first see clients during an initial consultation and movement assessment I look at several things. simple movement patterns like squat, hinge, flexion, extension and shoulder mobility. How well we move dictates how well we can do a specific exercise, and if we choose to over look this at the beginning that’s when we start to imbed a faulty muscle pattern leading to injuries over time. 

However, there are several factors that may come in to play here.

As we get older (or move up the levels as I like to call it) we need to alter things a little bit. Reality is we aren’t twenty anymore and we don’t recover the same, but that doesn’t mean we can’t train hard, we just have to be smarter about how we do it. Listen to your body and address the issue as they arise instead of leaving them and trying to work through it. 

This can be done in lots of different ways.

A simple fix like regular  Massage & Bodywork  can nip problems in the bud and speed up recovery time. Sleep is another important factor that often gets over looked and plays a huge part in recovery and the quality of how we train. 

However, the main issue I find is not working around your own ability and can often lead to reoccurring injuries. This is where choosing the right coach and training environment is really important.  It may be online, in a gym (commercial/ functional etc) but it has to be right for you and your goals and your ability. 

So, how do you keep your body strong and injury free?

Reality is we all get injured in the gym from time to time but the stronger and healthier the body the quicker we will recover. To create a balanced and effective workout to keep your body strong and injury free a program needs to consist of the basic’s - Squat, Hinge, Push/Pull, some Core work and Carries. 

Here is an example of exercises/movements that should be included in a programme and can be adjusted depending on experience and ability. Always warm up before you start into a working program. A dynamic warm will set up the muscles and nervous system for the workout ahead. 

  • Goblet Squat (Squat movement)

  • Dead Lift / Kettle Bell or BB (Hinge movement)

  • Over Head Push (Over Head DB  Press)

  • Lat Pull Down (Pull)

  • Plank (Core) Short Arm/Long Arm/ Loaded...

  • Farmers Carries (Over all core stability)...KB 

  • A finisher for the last part to challenge the energy systems

Those movements combined, will take the body through a full workout and build balance throughout. (There are lots of different variations that can be done depending on experience and ability).

Some of the world’s top Athletes in multiple disciplines use compound movements throughout their programmes to stay strong and injury free as part of their training. The stronger and healthier the muscular, skeletal system the less injury you will have and the quicker you will recover from little niggles. 

If an injury persists, don’t ignore it!

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Toni Walsh is a Personal Trainer and Soft Tissue Massage Therapist who specialises in working with women as they age.

She is based in Sandyford, Co. Dublin where she holds fitness classes in a friendly and supportive environment.

Toni also leads the Fit Over 40 course available exclusively for The Female Wellness Hub.

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