4 Steps to Getting Over Your Hangover Naturally


At this time of year, with all the Summer BBQ’s its very common for many of us to walk around with a fuzzy head hung-over regretting the day before.

There are many natural ways to support and overcome your hangover quicker so that you feel brand new and it doesn’t take over your week!

The symptoms of a hangover are usually caused by dehydration, increased toxicity and depleted minerals and vitamins particularly the water soluble vitamins like B vitamins and vitamin C.

Once the livers ability to detoxify alcohol is impacted the body produces a toxic substance and this is what gives you your headache.

Here are 4 Steps to Getting Over Your Hangover Naturally:

1.Balance Blood Sugar 

Cravings for carbohydrates and sweet things are going to be one of the first symptoms to manage along with dehydration. Alcohol contains a lot of sugar which can have a negative effect on our blood sugar causing imbalances which lead to symptoms such as fatigue, cravings, brain fog and irritability. Manage this by eating small and often, ensure to have protein with your carbohydrates to slow down digestion and aim for complex carbohydrates over sugary ones, despite what your cravings may tell you today. For more on blood sugar imbalances click here.

2.Balance Electrolytes 

Electrolytes are natural chemicals in the body required for maintaining water balance and the function of every cell. These are lost during a drinking session which ain’t good when you’re trying to think straight or simply muster the energy to get off the sofa. Adding a good pinch of sea salt to a class of water first thing in the morning helps balance these guys out and improve your head. Remember to continue drinking water throughout the day to rehydrate.

3.Consume magnesium

Some hangover symptoms are believed to be related to a depletion of magnesium. Green leafy veg are amount the best sources however adding a lettuce leaf to your Excel Bacon Double Cheese Burger doesn’t count!

4.Top up your B vitamins

These guys are water soluble and depleted when we drink lots of alcohol leaving us with that fuzzy head and fatigue. Because B vitamins are also our energy vitamins getting lots of these throughout the day is a great idea.

One night out doesn’t have a huge impact on your health goals its generally the days following this that we tend to over eat and consume a plethora of sweets and carbohydrates. One thing I try to do before I go out on the town is prepare my meals for the next day. It may not seem appetizing when you get up but having the healthy options there can be a great deterrent from reaching for the take away menu. Try pre-cooking some chicken and sweet potato or a chicken and egg fried rice dish.

Wholegrains and eggs are packed with B vitamins and magnesium. How does a yummy smashed avocado and egg with turkey rashers and spinach on a bed of wholegrain bread sound? Yes I thought you would like that.

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Elysia Doody is a Functional Nutritionist & Exercise Coach specialising in female health and wellness.

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