The Best Exercise for Fat Loss


There are a lot of misconceptions about exercise and the best exercise for weight loss. When we talk about body weight we are referring to not only fat but muscle, organs, tissues etc so in actual fat the correct question is

“What is the best exercise for fat loss?”

When considering this its important to understand the role of exercise in the process of fat loss. Yes exercise will keep our hearts and bodies healthy and less susceptible to disease however regular exercise will also assist in burning calories.

Are there certain exercises that are better for this than others? Yes!

So how do you find the best exercise for fat loss?

  1. Make sure it’s something you enjoy

    One thing I have learned is that we are much more likely to stick to the exercises we enjoy doing. Maybe you prefer running, cycling, swimming or lifting weights either way the more you enjoy something the more likely you are to continue doing it. So just because Mary lost loads of weight (I mean fat) doing Zuu doesn’t mean it’s the next best thing to shed the pounds. You need to enjoy it but it also needs to be effective for YOU.

  2. Ensure it’s progressive and challenging

     In order to burn calories and excess fat the exercises you perform need to be regular (ideally 3-4 times per week with adequate rest periods), progressive and challenging. In order to progress your exercises so that they are challenging you can increase the time, speed or resistance. Either one of these will push you further than your last session which ultimately supports fat loss.

  3. Include some form of resistance

    Resistance (in the form of bodyweight, free weights or bands etc) are great for supporting muscle mass. The MOST effective (and quickest) method of losing fat is by building muscle. Increased muscle mass gives you that toned defined look and increases your metabolism (how quickly your body burns energy i.e. calories). SO yes the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn.

So if you really really really want the BEST exercise for fat loss include some resistance training, make sure it is progressive and challenging and do it in a way that you enjoy it. This is the most effective method that I have seen for helping reduce the pounds and tone up.

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Toni Walsh is a Personal Trainer and Soft Tissue Massage Therapist who specialises in working with women as they age.

She is based in Sandyford, Co. Dublin where she holds fitness classes in a friendly and supportive environment.

Toni also leads the Fit Over 40 course available exclusively for The Female Wellness Hub.