The One Simple Trick That Can Help You With Bloating


If you’ve recently started a new exercise regime and are eating healthier, but are still feeling bloated, we’ve got a quick and easy tip for you that you can do to determine what may be contributing to your bloating and discomfort.

From time to time we can to drink a little more alcohol and over indulge on foods that aren’t so healthy for us such as pizza, take away foods and processed and that’s completely okay if it’s an occasional indulgence. This is because these foods can be quite acidic for our bodies and can impact our digestion and reduce our stomach acid levels.

Stomach acid is important not just for aiding the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients, but also provides our first defence against food poisoning, H.pylori, parasites, fungi, and other infections. Without adequate acid we leave ourselves open to decreased immune resistance and more susceptible to cold and flu.

In your stomach you have gastric juices (hydrocholoric acid (HCL) to be specific) that need to be a certain PH leaning toward a more alkaline basis. However, when we consume foods that are quite acidic, high in animal fats, fast foods, and even little things like stress can cause our stomach juice to reduce and/or become quite acidic.

This sluggish digestion of foods and the poor absorption of nutrients can lead to indigestion, burping, reflux and bloating.

The one simple trick that we suggest is adding a slice of lemon to some hot water in the morning.

Lemons combined with hot water it can stimulate our gastric juices and prepare the body for digestion. It’s the insufficient stomach acid that gives you the feeling that your food is sitting there for a long time so doing what you can to help stimulate digestion and get those gastric juices flowing can have a huge impact on your digestion and reducing the bloat.

You can even go one step further and support your liver and reduce inflammation by adding a ¼ tsp of grated ginger and cayenne pepper if you are brave enough.

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Elysia Doody is a Functional Nutritionist & Exercise Coach specialising in female health and wellness.

She’s embraced Functional Medicine to address her health concerns, and is now helping as many women as possible in a similar position. Taking everything she’s learned through education, her own health, and working with clients, she’s keen to share it all through online programmes.