Become a Contributor

What is a contributor?

A contributor is a person who writes for us, features on our podcast or teaches a course that they are relevantly qualified to teach. At The Female Wellness Hub it is important to us that contributors who use our platform share our unique approach, ideas and ethos therefore rather than allowing anyone to contribute we have an application process whereby everyone is assessed. The framework and rationale are outlined for you below.

You can contribute to The Female Wellness Hub in many ways;

  1. Contribute an article(s) and gain exposure to our audience

  2. Contribute a course and earn additional revenue

  3. Feature on our podcast and promote your expertise

What’s in it for me?

The Female Wellness Hub has a growing subscription base. Becoming a contributor allows you to utilise our existing platform, marketing and subscribers to promote your business, expertise and/or sell your unique online course and earn some extra cash. While success as a contributor is not guaranteed we endeavour to work with contributors and accept contributions on the basis of our member surveys and existing demand. We also invest in marketing and affiliate relationships that support The Female Wellness Hub mission. As a course contributor you will also be featured as a course contributor on our Contributor Page with links to your platforms and social media.

What if I already have a course on another/ my own platform?

If you already have a course or a platform do not worry. Think of us as another “shop” in which to sell your “product”. You may have an existing platform, fan base and marketing channels for which to sell your existing course through and including it in The Female Wellness Hub can offer further credibility to your course and alternate sales channels. If you offer a course on another platform all we ask is that you don’t sell it for less than it is priced on the FWH.

How does contributing a course work?

The Female Wellness Hub offers a range of female related online courses to help women improve their health and well-being in their own time. Like your online self-help book. Each contributor has specific specialities that members can learn from and are given the knowledge and tools to implement and take control of their health. It focuses on 3 key areas of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to support women through the array of changes our bodies go through from hormone balance, pregnancy and menopause. We pride ourselves and chose our contributors based on evidence based methodologies. You don’t have to have a PHD but we do like to see that your content is based on current research.

What topics can I teach on?

There are an array of topics you can teach on when it comes to female health and wellness. We are open to innovative thinking. If you have topics that you feel would complement our ethos and vision please include it in your expression of interest. We are always interested in new ideas.

Do I have to pay to feature my course on the FWH?

There are no fees to contributors to feature courses. We use a revenue share model, when a member purchases your course the revenue is shared between you and The Female Wellness Hub. Pleases email us at to learn more.

What advertising / marketing strategies do you use?

We use paid advertising on social media, the FWH podcast and affiliate schemes.

What is an affiliate?

In order to optimise your sales we partner with affiliates to promote and share your courses on their platforms and to their market/clients. We have an affiliate scheme and application process of similar style ensuring that our affiliates are carefully chosen and equally meet our ethos and values. Affiliates share the FWH courses to their network and receive a commission (taken from our share) for all sales through their link. To learn more please refer to Become an Affiliate page.

Application process

The application process takes about 7-14 days and will often depend on demand. We have made it really easy for you to apply:

  1. Send an Expression of Interest – drop us an email to with the subject “Expression of Interest”

  2. Course outline – include your course outline (we like to see a rough outline of the course and the benefit it can bring to others) and a bit about you and your methodology

  3. Pricing – include your pricing structure and whether you would like to be included in any special offers or bundles

Special offers and bundles may mean that you will earn less but may attribute to you getting more sales and testimonials at the beginning. You can remove your course from special offers at any time or make amendments and upgrades to your course. All we ask is that if you wish to close / remove your course you honour existing members that have purchased your course or refund them. You may also upgrade your course by adding or refreshing videos and documents at any time and can also adjust the pricing at any time. All we ask is that existing purchase are honoured.

What if my course is not accepted?

If you course is not accepted we will give you a reason via email with some further recommendations you can make.

What of my course is accepted?

Once your course is accepted you will receive your link to the Contributor Training Course to help you develop and record your course. You will be required to provide a headshot and bio for the platform and marketing purpose. We recommend that you also provide 1-3 blog entries to promote your course. You will also have the opportunity to feature as an interviewee on our Podcast if you have not done so already. This will help raise awareness of your course and your brand.

How do I get my content onto the platform?

Full details will be provided in the Contributor Training Course but its a very simple upload.

When & how do I get paid?

You will receive a notification once someone has purchased your course and your revenue will be transferred to your account on the last Friday of each month.

What marketing platforms do you use?

We use Social Media, our mailing list (subscribers, members, affiliates) and The Female Wellness Hub Podcast.

Intellectual Property

Whilst we will review each course for content we do not review the legality of the course contents. If you are contributing a course you are making the promise that you have the contents are your own, that any research used / mentioned in the development is mentioned and that, basically nothing has been plagiarised.

By becoming a contributor you grant The Female Wellness Hub a license to sell, distribute, offer, market the submitted content to its network for sale. You also grant The Female Wellness Hub permission to use Your name, image or voice in connection with offering, delivering, marketing, promoting, demonstrating, and selling the course.

How can I direct my clients to The Female Wellness Hub?

Once you become a contributor you will receive a badge that states “Featured on The Female Wellness Hub” that you can include on your website. This is easily embedded into your platform and we can work with your web developer to support this.

Can I offer a discount for my own clients / subscribers?

Yes, of course

Can I use the testimonials for my course on my website and social media?

Yes, 100% they are your testimonials and we encourage collaboration and promotion of our site and your members.

How can I contribute an article?

Please visit our Write for Us page for full details.

How can I get featured on the podcast?

Podcast interviews are recorded periodically throughout the year. If you have written a book, ebook, article, course or have been interviewed before please forward an email to with a short bio, headshot and links to your social media, website and publications, press etc so that we can determine if you are a good fit for the show. Please also ensure to specify what specific topic(s)  you are interested in discussing on the show.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For further details or questions please email

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